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Sigo once described me as a "brother in mind" - truly a compliment, because the software engineer is a musical jack of all trades: guitarist, composer, lyricist, producer. Not only the design of my homepage, but above all our conversations all about the world and his wife - absolutely free of sarcasm - are balm for my soul. Thank you for all.

Composer Sigo Greschitz on YouTube: Jedermann, the Musical
photography by M A R T I N S T E I N T H A L E R
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My first shooting ever made me quite nervous a month before. The warmth and professionalism of Tine, Tanja and Mary immediately took my fears away and I was able to spend a wonderful time with them. It was a lot of fun - thank you for everything.

Any artistic work would not be possible without the support of the family. It is like a rock, provides security and is the source of inspiration. Thanks to my three wonderful children Patrick, Tamara and Larissa who, each in their own way, enrich my life enormously and surprise me every day. Seeing you grow up is the most beautiful present imaginable. Last but not least, I would like to thank my wife Elisabeth. We got through a lot of difficult times together, but many beautiful ones are still ahead of us. All our experiences have shaped us and, as a consequence, brought us closer together. We were allowed and are allowed to continue growing together - that's life. I love you.